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Weekend Reads: Music and Kids, Kitchen Sets, etc


Well hello hello!  How’s everyone doing this weekend? Everybody okay? Great! Then lets get reading.


If you’re looking for….an awesome DIY kid’s kitchen set:

Try this one. Bonus: the cool response from the Dad when trolls got mad that it was made for a boy.

If you’re looking for….some photography that changed things:

Interesting story behind these turn of the century photos of NYC’s poorest kids.

If you’re looking for….the state of parenting news:

Try this article. Good overview of what you may hear and what to look for.

If you’re looking for….an animal aaaaaaaaawe:

A baby chimp finds a loving adopted mom after losing his own mother.

If you’re looking for….another reason to love music:

This article gives a good overview as to how it helps your child’s development.


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