Weekend Reads: Reading to Kids, Spanking, Etc

Well hello hello! At least in my time zone it’s technically Monday, but I’m up with a sick pet, so you’re getting it now. So what are you looking for this weekend?

If you’re looking for….a guide to talking to your child about tragedy:

Try this list of resources. After the events in Paris this weekend and news of other bombings around the world, this list of resources may be helpful. Talking about horrible things with kids is an important but unenviable part of parenting.

If you’re looking for….an infographic about spanking:

Interesting stuff here.

If you’re looking for….science of parenting:

Well, not real science, but still potentially amusing, try this book.

If you’re looking for….brain function and reading info:

An interesting study on what reading to young children does to the brain.

If you’re looking for….links you may have missed from our FB page:

Why bed rest may be a bad idea.

Teaching small children about gender.

Jessa Duggar’s home birth.


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