Weekend Reads: Baby Babble, Kids Coding, etc.

Well hello hello! How’s everyone doing this weekend? We good? Yes, no, maybe? Well, however you’re doing, let’s cut to the chase and get you something to read!


If you’re looking for….verbal development:

Check out how babbling improves your kids vocabulary.

If you’re looking for….some experimental design:

How one researcher figured out what was effecting her daughters sleeping.

If you’re looking for….a way to teach your kids how to code:

Try this list of different options.

If you’re looking for….a way to talk to your kids:

This reporter realizes he was hiding current events from his kids, so he discusses with them the pros and cons of this. Short video, but interesting.

If you’re looking for….a beautiful picture:

An MRI of mother and child. Just because. (from Mary)

If you’re looking for….paid leave for Dads:

Why leave for Dads is a feminist issue. From our FB page.


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