Weekend Reads: Disease games, Disasters and Other Fears

Well hello hello! How’s everyone doing this weekend? We good? Good! What are we in the mood for this weekend?


If you’re looking for….a last minute gift for someone who likes science:

Well, epidemiology at least. Try this game.

If you’re looking for….a study on kids and disaster:

Interesting look at how kids want to talk about disasters, or not.

If you’re looking for….something to worry about:

Unsurprisingly, a new survey finds parental fears are different based on income level.

If you’re looking for….some research:

Why genetics research is full of costly mistakes. (from Mary)

If you’re looking for….this week’s political outrage:

Flint, Michigan switched it’s water source and the number of kids with detectable lead in their blood double. Ugh. (from Mary)


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Bethany is a perpetual student who just won't stop taking classes. She's gone from engineering to psych and family systems to applied statistics, and is really fascinated by how people feel about numbers. She blogs about this over at Graph Paper Diaries, and experimenting with contingency tables at Two Ways to Be Wrong.

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