Weekend Reads: Superhero Science, Waterslides, etc

Well hi there! How’s everything going this weekend? It’s pouring rain here, but that’s easier to remove than snow, so I’m happy. Anyway, what are we looking for this weekend?


If you’re looking for….a good response:

Mark Zuckerburg got a comment about how “girls should date the nerd”. Not to sound all Upworthy, but you’ll love his response.

If you’re looking for….something to keep an eye on:

David Cameron wants parenting classes to be accessible to everyone, and to encourage more people to take them. Will be interested to see how this goes.

If you’re looking for….some science:

An interesting sounding “babies first year” book. I may check it out for baby shower presents.

If you’re looking for….some superheros:

Look right here. Hey, they could teach your kids some good science lessons.

If you’re looking for….a new way of giving birth:

Try a water slide. Nah, not really.


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