(Long) Weekend Reads: Hot Chocolate, Coding, etc

Well hello hello! How’s everyone doing this weekend? Hopefully things are going well for you on this fine (hopefully long) weekend. My weekend’s going well enough that I forgot yesterday was Sunday, so we’re getting weekend reads a day late.

Anyway, what are you looking for this weekend?

If you’re looking for….a way to talk to your kids about MLK  Day:

Time magazine has a good article from last year about talking to your kids about the meaning of MLK day.

If you’re looking for….a delicious way to warm up:

It’s freezing here. Have some hot chocolate recipes.

If you’re looking for….a good way to learn to code:

Kids teaching kids how to code. Very cool.

If you’re looking for….some stock photos:

Here you go! Parenting by stock photo.

If you’re looking for….some changing tables:

This Dad is making a list of businesses with men’s rooms with changing tables.


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