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Weekend Reads: Zika virus, Counting at Dinner, etc


Well hello hello! How’s everyone doing today? Good? Great! Looking for something to read? Well I got you covered!


If you’re looking for….a book about science:

Here’s 20! All starring girls.

If you’re looking for….a public health crisis:

El Salvador encourages women to consider avoiding pregnancy until 2018 due to Zika virus concerns. Yikes.

If you’re looking for….a hero:

Meet the pediatrician who helped uncover the Flint, MI water crisis. Now she’s working to try and mitigate the damage.

If you’re looking for….some empathy:

Interesting take on teaching empathy through movement.

If you’re looking for….some plates:

Not reading, but I saw these on Twitter today, and I want them. I realized a while ago that counting with the little one at meal times it lots of fun.

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