Weekend Reads: Adjusting to Common Core Math, Awesome New Lego, and Talking to Kids About Trump

Hey there Weekend Readers! Lou here, and I’ll be taking over the reins of Weekend Reads from the ever capable Bethany so she can concentrate on even more awesome stuff that will soon grace our digital pages. I might fiddle with the format a bit to fit my own personality, but rest assured I intend to carry on the tradition of quality Weekend list postings that she has established. Either that or I’ll screw it up and Melanie will fire me and get someone smarter to do it. Lets see what happens!

Had trouble helping your young ones with their math homework this year? It turns out that a lot of parents hated the new “Common Core” math. But they are starting to figure it out… and starting to change their minds.

Lego has unveiled their very first disabled minifigure , perhaps responding to pressure from the online campaign  #ToyLikeMe.  Everything is even more Awesome now.

Scary Mommy writes about how Dads know how to parent too. Of course we do.

With Donald Trump still in the lead as we head into the New Hampshire Primary, David Lesser discusses how to talk to your little ones about his unusual candidacy. 

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, a day that is often remembered as much for the commercials as the action on the field. Bleacher Reports Mike Tanier (my favorite football writer) takes us back to last years most unusual spot, Nationwide Insurance’s spooky dead kid ad.

And finally, it’s our Old Pal Grover, stopping by the 5 Facts studio to share 5 science facts!

Have a fun Super Bowl, drive carefully if you are driving, and come back for the next Weekend Reads.

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