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Weekend Reads: Snow Paint, Teens Vaping, and Don’t Take Your Kids to See Deadpool


Happy Presidents Day  and Valentines Day Weekend dear readers.  Hooray for the extra day off school. Boo for temperatures in the teens or lower across much of the USA. On to the links!

If you are lucky enough to have snow yet it is still warm enough to go outside, here’s a nifty arts and crafts project for making Snow Paint out of old markers.

New data shows that teens who who use e-cigarettes are more likely to pick up the real coffin nails down the line.

The cool folks at the Cracked Podcast looked into teen rehab centers and scared straight programs, or in their words, “America’s Bizarre Teen Kidnapping Industry”.

Elizabeth Bird at School Library Journal talks about some out of print books she would bring back to show that there has always been more diversity in children’s literature than we realized.

Pretty much everyone agrees… Don’t Take Your KidsTo See Deadpool… (but you should go because it looks awesome!)

Finally, OK GO sets the bar even higher in their latest video. And the song is pretty good too.


Featured Image Credit:  Amy Christie for Design Mom


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