Weekend Reads: Transgender Kids, Black Girls in Books, and 99 Red Balloons on Red Balloons

Welcome Weekly Readers. February is almost over, but because it’s a Leap Year we have an extra day of it… Thanks Obama!

A very interesting post about why this mom thinks kids should do chores that aren’t 100% safe.

Here are some picture books that celebrate who you are.

Speaking of books, read and listen to the story of Marley Dias, an 11 year old who set out to find 1000 books about black girls. She was very successful… #1000blackgirlbooks

New research finds that transgender kids who have “socially transitioned”, living their lives as the gender they identify with, had positive mental health outcomes.

Lego strikes another blow for inclusion, at least in the mini universe, with the very first Stay at Home Dad Minifigure.

I love YouTube…


Featured Image Credit Andrea Cipriani Mecchi

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