Weekend Reads: Elections and Bullying, Celebrating Muslim Diversity and Ready Jet Go!

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Teachers are beginning to worry that the nasty rhetoric used in the GOP campaign may be undermining their anti-bullying efforts.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan‘s Muslim Cultures exhibit let’s kids explore the A-Z of Muslim cultures around the world as well as in the Big Apple.

The Guardian reports on the hidden crisis worldwide of small children left home alone while parents work.

The Republican Party’s war on Planned Parenthood continues as their first Congressional hearing on the alleged sale of “baby parts” goes off the rails. (BTW, Boss Lady Rebecca has already answered all the questions about this fake scandal over at Skepchick.)

PBS Kids introduces a new show aimed at teaching kids about science and the solar system, Ready Jet Go!

George Takei  shared this one with his Facebook horde just last night, from Australia comes The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships, honest sex education videos and other resources that we Yankees desperately need. 

Here’s one now.

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