Weekend Reads: Anxious Kids, D&D, and The Kids Are Alright

It’s Spring Forward Day, when the US Government takes one hour away from you and gives it back in the Fall in order to somehow save daylight. I assume much like withholding tax , they keep the accrued interest. On to the links!

Melinda Wenner Moyer gives us some great advice for how to handle an anxious kid. (hat tip to Topher)

Visit (or in my case revisit) the 1980’s media panic over Dungeons and Dragons.  Can you imagine what those people would make of Game of Thrones?

No, your kids can’t be anything they want to be. And that’s really ok. 

Libbey Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism hosted a wonderful discussion last month about what she has learned (and unlearned) about parenting.

From our friends up north at the Toronto Globe and Mail, “Don’t Worry about what the experts say: the kids are going to be all right.”  I hope it applies to our US American kids as well!

In shitty news, Georgia has passed a bill providing state grant money to “pregnancy resource centers” that supposedly offer medical care to pregnant women in need while discouraging abortion. essentially funding ineffective “crisis pregancy centers” while continuing to attack Planned Parenthood at every turn.  Fuck you Georgia (as well as Pennsylvania, Florida, and my own beloved Ohio.)

For this weeks video I think I’ll let John Oliver explain why the above law is full of shit… (NSFW of course)

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  1. I like how it’s become “pregnancy resource centers” instead of crisis pregnancy centers. Much like how creationism became “intelligent design”. And they accuse <em>us</em> of political correctness.

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