Weekend Reads: Easter, My First Science Textbooks, and Diapers are a Luxury?

Happy Easter! Easter was actually yesterday, today is the much less hallowed Manic Monday I suppose, where we celebrate Jesus returning to Jerusalem  to find all of his stuff on the sidewalk outside his apartment. Thomas is found going through the holy possessions, “Dude, we thought you were like… dead.”

CNN reports on the the largest ever study of postpartum depression, a disorder that effects one in five persons who give birth. 

For many people, diapers are a luxury item. (ht/Mary)

This Kickstarter is well past it’s initial goal, but still worth looking into, My First Science Textbooks.

Ada Lovelace, Women’s History, and the Challenge of Science while Parenting. 

Burying Beetles might be better parents than most of us thanks to pheromones that help them schedule co-parenting.

I forgot this last week, but a host of excellent bloggers from around the Atheo-Skeptipshere who care deeply about social justice have joined forces to form a new blogging network, The Orbit. The Orbit features blogging veterans from Freethought Blogs like Greta Christina and Stephanie Svan, former Skepchick family members like Heina Dadabhoy and Benny Vimes and so many more. Go give them love, and or money.

My tenure as a stay at home Dad and househusband just reached 11 years this last month. So I really relate to this short but sweet post to The Good Men Project by 

I am writing this piece to let other at-home parents know that many others have been through or are going through what you are experiencing right now. You are not alone. Being at-home is not easy. It is extremely rewarding but it is also demanding and at times mind numbing. Knowing that your children will benefit from you being home is your focus, just don’t forget to take care of the one thing that needs the most focus, yourself. Your family will benefit when you take care of yourself first. The happier you are, the happier your family will be. It’s as simple as that. Lead by example. Your family will follow. If you are positive, your family will see positive. If you are negative, your family will see that as well. It took me a long time to realize this, but now that I see the true way to live, my life is better than it has ever been.

You know you needed to know this…
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