Weekend Reads: Transgender Kids Documentary, 10 Reasons for Atheist Parenting and a Preggers T-Rex?

Happy Weekend everyone! If you are reading this on April 10th then its Daisy Ridley’s birthday!!! Pop in or load up your recently legally purchased copy of The Force Awakens and celebrate with Rey!

There are six lessons that the world needs to learn from Louis Theroux’s recent BBC Documentary Transgender Kids.

Andrew Hall at Laughing in Disbelief  lists his 10 Reasons Why I Like Being an Atheist Parent.

Can we trace the Evolution of Evil, and perhaps explain why it persists?

Heaven’s Not on Google Maps, Galen Broaddus explores the unique terrain of discussing religion or lack there of with his two sons, both on the autism spectrum.

How to tell if a T-Rex is expecting.

Non-religious families have some difficult decisions to face if they choose to homeschool;

Talking to secular homeschoolers, one theme comes up repeatedly: Each family and child is different and went into homeschooling for different reasons. Some Christian parents seek out secular homeschooling forums and curricula for their kids not because they are against religion, but because they don’t think religion belongs in education. Others live the Bible Belt and sought out homeschooling to completely remove religion from their kids’ upbringing. Still others decide to homeschool because their kids have learning disabilities and weren’t performing well in public school—for them, finding a secular form of education isn’t a priority.

So this happened this week… SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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