Weekend Reads: What Trump Doesn’t Know About Abortion “Exceptions”, It’s Not My Job to Entertain My Kids, and Much More

Happy Weekend Readers! I’m in a good mood because I went to my first Reds game of the year last night, got my own Joey Votto “Vottomatic” Bobblehead, and watched my Redlegs smush the Cubbies 13-5. Joey is my favorite active player, not just because he’s awesome, but because he has been out about his struggles with anxiety related to his father’s death, something we share.

What Trump, and most Republicans, don’t understand about abortion “exceptions” turns out to be pretty damn important.

Renegademama explains why it isn’t her job to “entertain” her kids.

In case you are at your parenting wits end, here are the Top 6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior.

It takes a village to bully a transgender kindergartner. 

A new study out of  Iowa State University and the University of California-Davis finds a link between harsh parenting practices and obesity in teens.

“Harshness leads to problems with physical health, and no matter how hard a spouse tries they may not be able to erase those effects,” Schofield said in a statement. “Instead of saying, ‘I’m the law and my wife is the gospel’ or something like that, better to acknowledge that in terms of harshness, your spouse is not going to be a buffer for the child, so behave responsibly.”

In news from the OMG PEOPLE ARE EVIL department, (CN:Really, people are seriously EVIL,) Stuart Duncan tells the story of how his Minecraft server for kids with autism, Autcraft, was attacked by hackers…

On April 6th, 2016, two people attempted to hack into the Autcraft server and failed.

What they did succeed in doing, however, was to hijack our IP address, effectively redirecting all the traffic from our server to a server of their own.

The children that signed on to play, some as young as 6 years old, signed on to their server instead of mine. Once there, they were encased in a bedrock box from which they could not leave and were told that they were rejects from society, degenerates and that they should kill themselves.

When I asked these guys why they’d do such a thing, they responded “it’s funny.

They told us that we’d never figure out what they had done or how to stop it and that they’d continue doing it unless we paid them $1000.

You can chip in to help with Stuart’s increased hosting costs here, or here. You can pray that Cthulhu devours the worthless souls of the assholes who did this here.

Prince left us this week. Here he is with the Muppets. Now go have a good cry if that’s what you need.

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