Weekend Reads: 10 Things, 9 Ways, but only One Trump to Rule Them All

It’s the end of the week. Except Sunday is also the beginning of the week. But it’s definitely part of the weekend. I’M SO CONFUSED!

10 things I naively said to my friends with kids before I had kids. From Scary Mommy.

9 ways Atheist Moms (and Dads I hope) are different from (some) Religious Moms.13177522_1434110836612585_2329521217628512483_n

Are we being dishonest about ugliness?  

How well do you and your family know the worlds geography?  Play GeoGuessr to find out.

It’s prom season… Cue the freakouts about what girls wear. Especially if they look awesome in their tuxedo.

Dangerous Minds points us to a fascinating Flickr pool, Growing Up In Arcades that provides a window into the world of 70’s and 80’s teens who had to schlep miles to the mall with pockets full of quarters to play games that your PS2 would eat for breakfast. Not that I’m bitter…

In more nostalgia, if you can honestly be nostalgic for a TV show that is still running, Simpsons fans should head over to the Frinkiac, where they can turn your favorite quote into a meme or even an animated GIF! Hat tip to  at Vox

Have you exhausted your weekly supply of reasons to hate the presumptive Republican nominee for President, walking kitchen fire Donald J. Trump? Well us stay at home Moms & Dads have an extra reason, as Fortune Magazine reports on a Buzzfeed article that looked back at interviews that The Donald had given at various other media outlets over his long career in the public spotlight where he expressed some very unfortunate opinions about modern gender roles and parenting. Please put on the special safety goggles before reading.


It’s field trip season!




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