Weekend Reads: Gen-Con’s Drive For Diversity, Hope Solo Attacks the Wage Gap, and Calvin & Hobbes & Bullying

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Welcome Readers, it’s the last week of May, the home stretch for many schoolkids in the US before Endless Summer begins and they set about forgetting everything they learned this year! Stay at home parents, we have maybe 3-7 days left to binge TV shows and adult oriented films. Get to work! Now on to the links…

Gen-Con, the most august of tabletop RPG and boardgame conventions, has sent a message through their speaker lineup this year that “Gaming is for everyone.”

Remember the girl who got turned away from the prom last week for wearing a tuxedo instead of a dress? Well the best revenge is living well, she’s been offered a cameo on Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

What is behind the viral popularity of child abuse? 

Don’t call it a Tramp Stamp, how the patriarchy ruined a style of tattoo.

Elizabeth Word Gutting writes a heart wrenching piece about what Hillary Clinton means to women of her Mother’s  generation.  

Five signs your story is sexist towards men, and no this isn’t some MRA whining, it’s actually really thoughtful. Tip of the hat to our own Chris Brecheen at Writing about Writing for this one.

Women are just better at this? Is emotional labor the next frontier in feminism? It’s really important for us to hash this out, especially as more and more men enter the world of stay at home Dad or househusband.

US Women’s National Team star Hope Solo has had it with the wage gap and she’s not being quiet about it.

I really really enjoy this webcomic about a cool trans girl, Assigned Male .

Kevin Wong wrote a beautiful piece yesterday about how a string of upsetting Calvin and Hobbes strips told a bold story about bullying.

There was no happy ending, no neat resolution, when Moe bullied Calvin out of his toy truck. But during that two week stretch of Calvin & Hobbesstrips from 1989, cartoonist Bill Watterson made a dark but salient point about how unfair life can be. It was a gutsy move, and it resonated with anyone who had a less than idyllic childhood. Calvin said it best: “People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children.”



After that read I think we need something fun to clear our minds… Here’s The CW pandering shamelessly to my inner 9 year old, who completely approves.

See you next week!

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