Weekend Reads: Undocumented and Valedictorian, Maisie Williams is Awesome, and IT’S RAINING TACOS!!!

Happy Weekend Readers! It’s 90 plus degrees here in the Queen City. Lets do this quick then get back in the pool!

Two Valedictorians in Texas reveal their undocumented status, a brave thing to do in the Age of Trump. I don’t think it is a coincidence that they are young women either.

Maise Williams, of Game of Thrones and Dr Who fame, re writes a sexist headline about her appearance at a charity event. Because she’s awesome.

Pottsgrove High School in Pennsylvania did not have a prayer at their graduation this year, proving that the law hates Christians or something.

The Superintendent of the Pottsgrove School District tells us a parent complained after last year’s graduation which included an invocation and benediction given by students who were selected by staff. School Board President Rick Rabinowitz says he also expressed concern after the tone of the prayer.

“We have a diverse community representing multiple faiths and just because one faith is the dominant faith doesn’t mean that there aren’t many different religious backgrounds in our community,” he said. Rabinowitz also says it’s illegal.

“The law does not allow the school to provide a program prayer in school related ceremonies. There are multiple Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1963 when I was born and those decisions are clear,” he said.

Some police departments are starting to listen to the science and adjust how they deal with policing young people. 

Parenting trends come and go. 

The Stanford heroes, two great Swedish dudes who stepped in last year to interrupt and help capture rapist Brock Turner, show us that good guys do exist, but they have to act. 

Do we make young men like Brock Turner more likely because we fail to teach and value empathy? One author thinks so. 

We’ll end on a lighter note, from my kids YouTube habit to your ears… It’s Raining Tacos.

Featured Image Credit: The awesome Science of Parenting, a place we’ll definitely be visiting again!




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