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Exploring the Future of Parenting

This past weekend some of our members attended CONvergence in Minneapolis, where we held a panel entitled, “It Takes a Village Moving at 80% the Speed of Light.” Our discussion topic was nominally focused on how parenting would change on a generational colony ship, but we strayed across the spectrum of governance, religion, family planning, art, and myriad other topics.

As the conversation wandered delightfully on, I started wondering if any authors had explored these ideas in more depth. I asked our audience for a list of media, and was inundated with suggestions. Suffice to say that my 2017 reading list is filling up fast!

I haven’t vetted this entire list, so I can’t guarantee that there aren’t problematic works here. If you find one, please message me or post a comment so we can discuss and improve the list. (Ok, I admit to already removing one example from an author who drives me nuts with his misogyny.)

What do you think? Any suggestions for interesting stories about the future of parenting in space?*

Archangel, Sharon Shinn
The Terrorists of Irustan, Louise Marley
Forty Thousand in Gehenna, CJ Cherryh
The Sparrow, Mary Doria Russell
Non-stop, Brian Aldiss
Seveneves, Neil Stephenson
Ascension (TV series)
The Expanse (series), James SA Corey
Lilith’s Brood (series), Octavia Butler
Destination Void, Frank Herbert
Book of the Long Sun (series) / Short Sun (series), Gene Wolfe
The Long Earth (series), Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
City and the Stars, Arthur C Clarke
Communities that Abide, Dmitry Orlov



*And yes, I’m humming Rocket Man as I write this…


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