Weekend Reads: Birth Control By App, Dealing With Anxiety In Children, and Reading Aloud is Not Just For Kids

Happy Weekend Readers! Hope everybody is having a fun Summer so far. Enjoy it while you can, Target  is already switching their seasonal display to “back to school”.

Requiring a visit to the doctor to acquire birth control pills is an unnecessary burden on many women. The Times reports on the growing number of smartphone apps and websites spring up to provide women with more options.

Wendy Thomas Russell at the Patheos blog Natural Wonders  writes up a list of FIFTY picture books that teach kids morality in lieu of the Bible.

Being an adult dealing with anxiety is difficult enough, I can’t imagine what it’s like for a kid. Hey Sigmund walks us through what a kid with anxiety is going through and how we can help.

Our very own Emily has a great guest post this week at Her Next Chapter all about the value of reading aloud to kids. But not just for the little kids… it’s good for the bigger kids as well!

There is research out there about the benefits of reading aloud to older kids, in both home life and educational contexts—kids process information differently when listening and reading aloud to them can expose them to deeper concepts and vocabulary than they might encounter on their own. But really, we just kept on doing it because we enjoy it. As he has gotten older and our lives have gotten busier, it is dedicated time for just the two of us—no little sister, no dad, no video games or mobile phones. Bedtime is still special, and it has become time when he can share things about his life that we might not talk about over the dinner table, big and small. Just the other night I told him about being on bed rest when I was pregnant with him and craving chocolate cupcakes. I haven’t a clue what prompted that conversation, but it was a joy.

“Caring for children shouldn’t be like carpentry, with a finished product in mind,” says Alison Gopnik in her Manifesto Against ‘Parenting’, “We should grow our children like gardeners.”

In counterpoint to the previous link, NPR interviews the authors of Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children.

Cute things HIJACK OUR BRAINS, reports scientist. This is why kittens will one day rule us all!

I’m 47 years old. My collectible card game was the original, Magic: The Gathering. But it’s really sweet to see all the Pokemon GO stories. This one is perfect.



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