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Weekend Reads: Meteor Showers, Swearing in Front of Your Kids, and Grover Explains the 2016 Olympic Refugee Team


Happy Weekend Readers! We had a wonderful week of vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains. I hope everyone out there is having a great summer break because back to school is right around the corner in some parts of the US. The Hellions start next week!

Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, gives us advice on how to best experience this years Perseid Meteor Shower August 11th and 12th. This year could be extra sparkly!\

In her most recent comedy special, Baby Cobra, which she filmed while seven months pregnant,  Ali Wong addresses the messed up way we praise Dad while erasing Mom. 

I completely endorse these Five Reasons I Don’t Give An Eff About Swearing In Front Of My Kids. 

She sells seashells by the seashore… old fashioned tongue twister AND amazing story of a young woman who revolutionized the study of fossils, Mary Anning.  

I don’t usually approve of extra fancy and tricksy lunch preparation for school lunches. But these DIY mason jar lunchables are both fascinating and fun.

While we’re indulging our inner Pinterest Parent, GP Mary shared this nifty bit about recycling old plastic milk jugs into portable reusable containers!

If you are watching the Rio 2016 Olympic Games you might have noticed some strange circular bruises on the arms, legs and backs of the US Men’s Swim Team. Those are “cupping” marks and they are being reported to have therapeutic effects for the athletes.  Cupping is an alternative medical practice that has it’s roots in traditional Chinese medicine and is, to put it lightly, complete crap. As reported in the Skeptic’s Dictionary

According to the American Cancer Society, “There is no scientific evidence that cupping leads to any health benefits….No research or clinical studies have been done on cupping. Any reports of successful treatment with cupping are anecdotal. There is no scientific evidence that cupping can cure cancer or any other disease.”

Here’s some more heartwarming as well as heartbreaking news out of Rio, explained to us by lovable furry old Grover.


Featured Image Credit: Blotz Photo Arts (Our view from the cabin all week, thanks Cobbly Nob!

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