Weekend Reads: Abortion Reversal, Obamacare and Birth Control, and Daylight Atheism gets More Adorable

Happy Weekend Readers! It’s the beginning of another NFL season, which in Cincinnati means yet another year that begins with boundless optimism, followed by tentative hope, ending in shattered dreams and or ligaments. Who… Dey?

A Louisiana “clinic” opening next door to Planned Parenthood is offering “abortion reversal”. That’s not how it works people!

50 years ago this week Star Trek began to boldly go where no one had gone before. If you are a fan today, a fan of almost anything in our geeky universe, then you have the passionate women who were the first Trekkers to thank.

I you remember last week we scolded Old Navy for blatant gender shenanigans and praised Target for their awesome Star Wars commercial? Well this week the onesie is on the other baby… bad form Target… bad form.

In what world would a superhero's priorities be in this order?

Aftershock Comics has a transgender superhero named Chalice, which is cool. They put out a variant cover featuring Chalice commenting on gendered restrooms, also cool. Geek bro can’t handle it, not cool.

Obamacare was supposed to make all birth control free. One doctor reports on why this isn’t true in practice.

Adam Lee, who writes the excellent Daylight Atheism blog,  recently welcomed a new addition, thus joining the secular parenting movement by default. Adam promises to write about his new adventures, and the ranks of smart, cool, atheist parents online gets that much stronger. We’ll be reading Adam.

Minnesota Atheists podcast Atheists Talk episode #372 is all about science with kids, as Dr. Rubidium (forensic chemist Raychelle Burks) joins the show to talk about the DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon in Seattle


Star Trek Fan Films are awesome…

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  1. As I understand it the so called “abortion reversal” is basically using one set of hormones to undo the effects of the most common method now used – a pill, which boosts certain hormones, to force early shedding of the uterine wall. The hypothesis is that this will “prevent” this shedding, and thus prevent the loss of the pregnancy. The irony being that if there was a “waiting period” for this BS, as there is for getting the pill in the first place, it wouldn’t work at all. It has to be done within like a day or so, at the most. Also – there is absolutely no clinics evidence, from trials, of any sort, which suggest it does work, at all.

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