Weekend Reads: Fart Chart, Anxiety and Disruptive Behavior, and Betsy DeVos Doesn’t Know What “Choice” Means

Happy Weekend Readers! March has come in like a lion, will it go out like a lamb? I dunno, but we here in the Queen City saw at least three seasons worth of weather in the last 48 hours so I’m not making any predictions about it anymore. Climate change is certainly not going to be boring at least.

What is a “Fart Chart” you ask? It’s the incredibly fun, scientific and gross way one Mom created to encourage her kid to eat their veggies!

The Hellions don’t watch very much regular TV anymore, so I have been blissfully unaware of the existence of Star vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney XD. But they evidently set off the Gay Detector at the HQ of the decidedly homophobic boycott generation machine “One Million Moms”   (which is just the American Family Association in drag.) LGBTQ Nation has the scoop

In an email, the group admitted the displays of affection were “subtle” but painted the portrayal as the most recent in a string of gay-friendly offenses, Joe.My.God reports. The episode features a scene at a concert where people in the crowd, including some same-sex couples, kiss on cue with the song. The group also expressed concern over kisses shared between characters whose gender was not clear.

OMM claimed that the increase in LGBTQ characters and scenes was the result of pressure from gays.

The above “scandal” comes on the heels of news that Disney’s new live action Beauty and the Beast will include their very first “gay character,” a revelation that has drawn ire from prudes like an Alabama drive in owner who has cancelled planned showings of the film, as well as disappointing some LGBTQ activists because the character in question, Gaston’s sycophant LeFou isn’t exactly an admirable character .

Some kids have two moms. This Australian couple went a step above and beyond because they both breastfeed their wee one.  And they have sparked some kind of debate?

Cracked gives us a great interview with a woman who shows us how far we’ve come and how far we have to go with 7 Realities Of Being Trans Back Before You Knew We Existed

Kids who seem oppositional are often severely anxious. This is a fascinating look at how anxiety can lie behind a lot of disruptive behaviors in children.

“Anxiety is one of those diagnoses that is a great masquerader,” explains Dr. Laura Prager, director of the Child Psychiatry Emergency Service at Massachusetts General Hospital. “It can look like a lot of things. Particularly with kids who may not have words to express their feelings, or because no one is listening to them, they might manifest their anxiety with behavioral dysregulation.”

A racist assault on a young black kids birthday party has resulted in long jail terms for a Georgia couple.  These fuckers paraded a Confederate flag, shouted racist slurs and threatened party goers with a shotgun. At an 8 year old’s birthday.

Mack Beggs won the 110 lb Texas State Girls wrestling championship. Which would normally be a reason to celebrate. The problem is that Mack is a boy. 

This story generated some controversy on the Grounded Parents Facebook page this week as some people thought the headline was deceptive. I’ll let you kind folks judge for yourselves… Insane Betsy DeVos Press Release Celebrates Jim Crow Education System as Pioneer of “School Choice.” Oddly nobody chimed in on the casual ableism of describing DeVos’ press release as “insane.” It’s still a pretty messed up statement…

First of all, it sounds like a seventh-grader wrote this, which is perhaps what happens when you put someone who has never really had a real job in charge of the Department of Education. Second, this official 2017 federal government press release celebrates legal segregation (!!!) on the grounds that the Jim Crow education system gave black students “more options,” as if there was a robust competition between HBCUs and white universities for their patronage. (When black Mississippian James Meredith chose the “option” of enrolling at the University of Mississippi in 1962, a massive white mob formed on the campus; two people were shot to death and hundreds injured in the ensuing battle/riot, during which federal marshals came under heavy gunfire, requiring the ultimate intervention of 20,000 U.S. soldiers and thousands more National Guardsmen.)

If you don’t think the white-washing of the new Ghost in the Shell movie is a big deal, I politely request you check out this moving video.

Featured Image Credit: Disney XD

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