Weekend Reads: It’s Hard on Them Too, Millennial Moms, and Security Moms?

Happy Weekend Readers! It’s April 2nd, which just so happens to be International Children’s Book Day. Sponsored by the International Board on Books for Young People,  the day is celecrated on or around the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson and is devoted to bringing books and young people together around the world.

Speaking of bringing books and people together, is there an old children’s book you can’t quite remember the title to? You remember there might have been a Native American boy, and a horse? Well Old Children’s Books is a great place to start your search.

We are understandably becoming more sensitive to the struggles of new parents in our busy world, but we also need to consider the struggles of our new little people… It’s hard on them too.

It had been a long night and I was so close to being on the other side of it. Then halfway through the last verse of the last bedtime song, you lifted your head up. “Wawa?” you asked. I took a cursory glance around the room, knowing I wasn’t going to see a sippy cup. “There’s no water up here. You’re fine.” “Wawa?” “Honey, no.” “Wawa!” More insistent this time. And my anger flashed to the surface, fast and red and hot and fiery. A quick intake of breath. My body stiffened, my teeth clenched. And of course you felt it. Despite my quickly stifling it, you felt it as clearly as I did and you melted into me. Your tiny body shook with sobs because the person you love most in the world, the person who you depend on for everything you need, turned momentarily monstrous because you wanted water. Because you were thirsty before going to bed and you have no autonomy with which to resolve your problems.

Here’s a great interview with comedian and science nerd Robin Ince.

Meet the unlikely mom fighting the Texas Statehouse over where her daughter is allowed to pee. 

Representative John Fleming (R-LA) has been appointed a deputy assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services.  He once shared “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex,” with his Facebook followers. Which most people would realize was a link to THE ONION. Representative Fleming did not. Because he is a dipshit.

Speaking of abortion… which we should do unashamedly and loudly, Samantha K. Smith will break your heart with the story of her ecoptic pregnancy. 

Our own new Mom Steph writes at Romper  about 10 Ways Millennial Moms are Redefining Friendship.

If you are raising a boy or boys,  has some great insight into how to make emotional intelligence the “new strong”

Biblical Parenting is horrible parenting, from Unfundamentalist Parenting, and Science, Reality and Persecuted Christians, from Slactivist. Progressive Christians Represent!

Homeless rates for LBGT kids are alarming, but parents can make a difference.  Which is a good article, but the TL;DR is DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE TO YOUR KIDS!!!

Mcsweeney’s tells us why we shouldn’t hire kids who live in a boxcar to solve mysteries. 

VOX has 9 great transgender stories. Lily Carollo’s video is especially awesome.

And finally FOX News has decided that the ongoing scandal brewing about Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign is a “non-story” because “security moms” don’t care about it.  

The Security Moms are both a regular Fox News segment and an archetype that tends to pop up during elections: women who loves their families in a particular way that translates into endless military intervention and, as one lady on the panel put it brightly, “deporting illegals.” It does not involve that Russia stuff, and shame on you for asking.

Bringing Asian Food to lunch at school has unique pitfalls.


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