Weekend Reads: Child Poverty in the US, Judgmental Moms, and Trump isn’t a Toddler

Happy Weekend Readers! The school year is coming to a close and Summer is rapidly approaching. That means it is probably past time to get your kids signed up for summer camp. Camp Quest Ohio is looking for volunteers after coming up short on staff and having to waitlist some kids. I stepped up and will be putting my aging body on the line to help a bunch of great kids have a positive secular camp experience. Check out the national Camp Quest site to see if there’s a way you can help where you are.

Child poverty in the US is appalling for such a rich country. The rest of the industrialized world has some form of child allowance, Vox looks into why we don’t. 

Most parents worry about how to help our kids navigate growing up safely. This Dad came up with a simple system to help his kids get themselves out of situations where they feel pressured to use alcohol or drugs or any other unsafe behavior…

Let’s check in on Steph over at Romper who is ready with another list… 12 Things I Want Judgmental Moms on the Internet to Know. I like this one…

Working & Staying Home Are Both Hard

I’ve been both a working mom and a stay-at-home mom, and they are both difficult and rewarding at different times and for different reasons. Like when I had to drop my baby off at daycare and listen to her cry as I walked back to my car, trying not to cry myself. Then, I rocked a presentation and scored a huge grant for a great cause, which was so awesome.

I thought staying home would be easier after being a working mom, but then I found myself hiding in the bathroom in an attempt to escape my whiny toddler and realized that I hadn’t showered in a week. Then I remembered that it wasn’t a big deal, because it wasn’t like I had anyplace to be, which was so bittersweet.

In my own backyard, an activist Mom has started a desperately needed diaper bank, Sweet Cheeks, to help with the under the radar health crisis of poor mothers who can’t afford diapers.


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