Weekly Reads: Bomb Cyclones, Where Movie Babies Come From, and Illegal Selfies?

Happy 2018 Readers! I hope y’all are staying warm during this record breaking cold snap. Folks on the east coast of the US are supposed to get something called a bomb cyclone, which not a thing I knew to have nightmares about until now. Of course the Cheeto Tinted Tyrant thinks this means global warming is a hoax. Because he’s not very well informed and/or fucking evil.

I knew some of this from my commercial photography schooling, but Vox has an excellent explainer on where movie babies come from…

Sonny Bunch would like parents to stop trying to turn their kids into viral internet sensations

Ohio’s largest abortion clinic has launched an aggressive billboard advertising campaign in an attempt to reduce the stigma associated with the procedure. Good for them!

“I’m not a criminal for taking a selfie” says a 14 year old girl who has been charged with felony child pornography after snapping a selfie on Snapchat.

“I’m not a criminal for taking a selfie,” stated Jane Doe. “Sexting is common among teens at my school, and we shouldn’t face charges for doing it. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I’m going through.”

Teresa Nelson, the legal director of the ACLU-MN, agreed with that assessment.

“To suggest that a juvenile who sends a sexually explicit selfie is a victim of her own act of of child pornography is illogical,” Nelson argued. “Child pornography laws are supposed to protect minors from predators, and Jane Doe is not a predator.”

Our family discovered the Birds of Chicago a couple of years ago at Over the Rhine’s Nowhere Else festival and immediately fell in love. I listened to this song after dropping the Hellions off at school and it brought me to tears.

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