Weekly Reads: Megan Rapinoe isn’t Going to the $%&#ing White House!

Hi there Readers, happy Megan Rapinoe Day, the day we celebrate the victory of the USWNT over a plucky Netherlands side two goals to nil to take home the nations second straight Women’s World Cup! The Lavender Menace led off the scoring with a penalty kick after sixty minutes of play, her sixth goal of the tournament and 50th tally in international play. For her efforts the 34 year old was awarded the Golden Boot and Golden Ball. About ten minutes later the pride of Mt. Notre Dame High, Skyline Chili Messi, Cincinnati’s own Rose Lavelle sealed the deal with the most important strike of her young career, blazing up from midfield and firing a guided missile past The Netherlands keeper. Congrats ladies!

Megan Rapinoe was not only the heart and soul of the team, she has been a fearless advocate for pay equality in women’s sports, was one of the first white athletes to kneel for the anthem to protest police brutality and in support of blackballed NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and has become an icon for queer folks of all stripes of the rainbow flag, an unapologetic American hero for the modern age. 


Now some links!

A Mom got sick of seeing nothing but “Short” shorts in the girls aisle and decided to start her own line to provide girls with more choice.


People are upset that Disney cast an actor of color, singer Halle Bailly, in their live action remake of The Little Mermaid. Because people are fucking terrible.

On the other hand, a photo of an older white gentleman holding and comforting an African American Mom’s baby while she filled out forms at the doctors office has gone viral and melted hearts across the Internet. Because people are fucking awesome.

Salon talks with author Nara B. Milanich about the strange history of paternity tests and her new book, “Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father.”

Adam Lee at Daylight Atheism would like to remind everyone that we are still keeping babies in cages on the southern border, and it’s a crime against humanity.


João Gilberto, the Brazilian guitarist who help create the Bossa Nova sound, then teamed with Jazz legend Stan Getz to bring samba and jazz together to a wider world died Saturday at the age of ’88. This is their most famous song…


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