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Pizza Hacks!

Kids want to saute, to cut the pizza, to see how the ingredients come together. If you let them do the fun stuff, they’ll develop skills and interests that will stay with them forever.

Guy Fieri

Pizza… what can we say. Crispy dough slathered with red sauce and smothered with mozzarella and wood fired, reheated Dominoes or Little Caesars in the dorm microwave, dirt cheap frozen discs from the convenience store that barely qualify as food, or fancy schmancy California style with goat cheese and walnuts on it or something, it’s all good. 21% of Americans listed pizza as their favorite food, making it our most popular dish. And I’ll bet a pound of pepperoni that number is even higher amongst Americans that still have any of their baby teeth.

Now in this era of social distancing the pizza reaches new heights of prominence. Easy to mass produce and with an extensive delivery network already established, pizza is an even bigger part of our diet.

Unfortunately shortages of flour and disposable cash can hamper our ability to feed the pizza monsters. Luckily creative moms and their kids have been jury rigging their own pizza’s for decades now. Here are a few for when you’re trapped without your preferred pie.

French Bread Pizza… I guess this pizza get’s it’s moniker from the fact that “rustic” breads were often called “French Loaves” back in the 50’s, when Americans forgot how to bake. Hoagie or sub sandwich rolls make a great pinch hitter here.

Bagel Pizza… Bagels freeze really well so it is easy to keep a stash in the icebox until a pizza emergency hits.

Pizza Toast… We’re getting down to the most basic of pizza substrate, regular sandwich bread. My advice, do this as a two step process, give your bread a head start toasting so that the sauce doesn’t soak through before both sides are done!

Cracker Pizza… Now we are looking a little desperate… although they are the kind of treat that even really little kids can assemble.

What kinds of pizza hacks get you through snacktime? Drop us a link in the comments.

Featured Image by Steve Snodgrass on Flickr, shared under a Creative Commons License

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