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Eurovision and Lies We Tell Our Children

The Eurovision Song Contest, for those who don’t know, is an international treasure, being aired for the first time in the US (today, on Logo TV). It’s when approximately forty countries, mostly from Europe, get together to show off catchy beats, sparkly costumes, national languages (or interesting choices in English lyrics), propaganda, …

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Not Buried Twice: Why the Fight for Birth Safety Matters

The backlash to the so-called “Mommy Wars” has been, in some ways, as misguided as the “wars” themselves. There’s a mentality that anything a parent (but usually a mother) does is just as valid, right, or safe as the alternative. While that holds true for some things, like breastfeeding vs. …

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UPDATED: When Corporations Attempt “Autism Awareness”

It’s the weekend. You want to go out to eat. You don’t want takeout. You want to sit down and feel fancy, dammit, even if your kids are climbing on you with food smeared on their faces. Maybe you’re thinking about going to Chili’s. If you’re a supporter of science …


Reaching Out

When you have a baby, you are community property. You have plans for every weekend, family visit upon family visit, and you perform such still-novel tasks as diaper changes with a constant audience. You go along with it because otherwise you would have to think, and at this point, your …

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On the Death of a Legend and a Parenting Dilemma

I’ve never been too upset about celebrity deaths. It’s sad when (almost) anyone dies, but I wasn’t terribly invested, and I knew that even if an afterlife existed, the stars wouldn’t be checking my Facebook for an “R.I.P.” Lou Reed’s death was different. It felt like a personal loss. His music, both as …

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‘Twas a Week Before Christmas

‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through the land the holiday smugness had gotten out of hand. According to some, a war had been waged. Ignoring reality, they erupted in rage about things like Eid stamps or public displays for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or other holidays. “Keep Christ in …