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Road Tripping: Geek Girl Con 2017

Every fall in Seattle geeks converge on the Washington Convention Center for Geek Girl Con. This year I attended with my four year olds and their grandma. The convention proved to be a great experience for all three generations of our family, and I recommend it for yours. Upsides The …


What Can We Do?

I’ve struggled a lot with the fallout of last November. That evening, my oldest stepdaughter texted me a simple, “dad, is the world ending?” All three kids are extremely aware of what Trump’s victory represents, and are deeply disturbed. They live in Canada, and yet they’re worried about what this …


Pizzagate Is Why We Need Skepticism

If you don’t live in DC, you probably associate Washington with national politics and all its current associated nastiness. But, believe it or not, those of us who actually live here are regular people too, just getting our kids to school, going to work and even going out for pizza once in awhile. So when a man …

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No, I’m Not Scaring My Kids By Discussing President Trump

Like many other parents, I woke up on November 9th afraid for the future and struggling to find the right words to explain the election to my children. Though I didn’t know exactly what to say and the end result was probably far from perfect, I shared my fears about President …


We Believe You: The Words I Expected My Secular Community to Say to a Child Rape Victim

Trigger Warning: Child Sex Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Victim-blaming April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. I was brainstorming blog topics for my annual awareness piece, and I came across a great post by Sarah Morehead on the Friendly Atheist about Jared Fogle and child sex abuse, or more specifically, a type of abuser – …


No, Monsanto Isn’t Responsible for Zika, Microcephaly or the Apocalypse.

The worrisome rise in microcephaly cases in Brazil has experts scrambling to determine a cause. Is it the Zika virus? Or is it something else? Most experts believe there is a link between Zika and microcephaly — the World Health Organization says it expects to confirm the link in a matter …


Why #ImWithHer

[NOTE: This post is the opinion of one blogger who speaks only for herself and does not necessarily represent the views of any other Grounded Parents blogger, nor should it be construed as an endorsement of any candidate by the editors and writers for GP.] First off, I want to …


If you think anti-vaxxers are nuts, check out the Food Babe Army

[CN: This post describes and includes images of harassment.] You probably saw the headlines. Mark Zuckerberg gets his baby vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers go nuts. “Nuts” meaning the usual accusation featuring some combination of poison, Autism and Big Pharma. Some called the picture a fake. Others argued that the billionaire was probably paid off. It was …

a picture of lemon balm and mushrooms growing in mulch with the word NOPE written across.

How to Not Be an Activist : A Penis Story

I’m not sure if there is any real point to telling this story, but it’s one of those experiences I decided I ought to share. So this summer I went to pick up some plants I scored off Craigslist. I pulled up to the house of the owner, which had a full garden, …

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An Open Letter to My Local Police Department: Please Don’t Shoot My Neighborhood’s Kids

Dear District 5 police force, how are you? I hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday Season. It has been a mild winter here in the Queen City so far, but looking at the forecast I see that freezing temperatures are on the way and there may even be …