DeVos: Expanding Disaster for Public Education

There are so many terrifying things happening in our federal government right now that it’s easy to miss a cabinet post confirmation vote that could destroy public education. The president nominated Michigan’s Betsy DeVos, a wealthy advocate for dismantling public schools who has no actual education experience for Secretary of Education. As someone who attended Michigan …


What Can We Do?

I’ve struggled a lot with the fallout of last November. That evening, my oldest stepdaughter texted me a simple, “dad, is the world ending?” All three kids are extremely aware of what Trump’s victory represents, and are deeply disturbed. They live in Canada, and yet they’re worried about what this …


Pizzagate Is Why We Need Skepticism

If you don’t live in DC, you probably associate Washington with national politics and all its current associated nastiness. But, believe it or not, those of us who actually live here are regular people too, just getting our kids to school, going to work and even going out for pizza once in awhile. So when a man …


Internet Meme Demolition Derby: Election Grief Counseling Edition

Winter is coming… The fairgrounds are silent. A biting northern wind blows leftover scraps of the summer frolic across empty grandstands… Only the echoes of children’s laughter haunt the field where once they dared gravity to test the limits of their fear… The arena is empty, the lonely attendant is …

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No, I’m Not Scaring My Kids By Discussing President Trump

Like many other parents, I woke up on November 9th afraid for the future and struggling to find the right words to explain the election to my children. Though I didn’t know exactly what to say and the end result was probably far from perfect, I shared my fears about President …

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OPEN THREAD: How to talk to your kids about the US election

I went to sleep last night around 11 EST with enough hope to allow for actual peaceful dreams. Then I woke up around 4:15 and made the mistake of checking my phone. One of my first thoughts as I processed my shock at Donald Trump’s unexpected win last night was …


Can we just focus on the issues? A theory about Hillary Clinton’s focus on work

I was listening to NPR this morning and got to thinking about how people talk about Hillary Clinton and what is spun variously as her need for privacy or penchant for secrecy. And it occurred to me that, this, like so much of the narrative about Clinton, is intimately tied …


We Don’t Live in North Korea and Other Reasons Why I Don’t Make My Kids Say the Pledge or Stand for the National Anthem

The elementary school auditorium is full of five to 12 year-old children and their families. An American flag is carried out and proudly placed center stage. Everyone stands, places their right hand over their heart, and begins to recite familiar words in creepy unison: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of …


Citation Needed

There are a lot of things wrong with our government. There are plenty of aspects to healthcare regulation that need to be fixed. But let’s at least focus on the right things. Late last month, the Green Party’s presidential nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, was quoted as saying, “In most countries, …

Hillary Clinton at the podium at the DNC

9 Grounded Parents React to Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

While Grounded Parents does not endorse a specific political candidate or party, some of us had reactions to the speech Hillary Clinton gave at the Democratic National Committee that we wanted to share. The views expressed are those of the individual bloggers and not necessarily the blog as a whole. …