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DIY Sensory Friendly Vehicle Costume

When my 3 year olds wanted to be the trains Rocky and Diesel 10 from Thomas and Friends, it set up a couple of problems besides the fact that they’re not main characters so you can’t exactly just buy the costume or find a dozen tutorials on making them. Even …

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Internet Meme Demolition Derby: People for the Ethical Treatment of Assholes Edition

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals came across my Facebook feed this week… again. With a reputation for using spurious health claims and sexist and degrading imagery to pursue their crusade to eliminate the use of animal products in any form, PETA has done more to sully the reputation …

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You Too Can Fix All the Parents

This is me tired. This is me fed up. This is me thinking I should have a glass of wine while writing this post. I have had it up to my eyeballs with articles insisting our children are being ruined because we’re lousy parents. To prove how bad things are, these articles often cite …


Weekend Reads: Jimmy Kimmel and his Son, Measles Outbreak, and Fidgets are Cool

Happy Weekend Readers! It is the first Sunday in May so that means it is time for the 19th annual Flying Pig Marathon her in Cincinnati. People in much better shape than I got up much earlier than I to run various lengths longer than I could if you set …


Weekend Reads: Rapunzel’s not Ready for Marriage, Being an “OK” Parent, and The Best Rhyming Books

Happy Weekend Readers! It’s March 26th, or Purple Day, an international grassroots effort to raise awareness about epilepsy.  Which I was not aware of… The script for a Disney Princess is pretty settled. Find Prince Charming or his genre appropriate equivalent, get rescued by or have an adventure with said …

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Autistic Views on Autism: Essential Reads for Neurotypical Parents

When my child was first diagnosed with autism, I found tons of online resources by and for neurotypical parents, therapists and autism awareness advocates. Basically, people like me trying to understand and work with people like my kid. These sources are useful for avoiding a sense of isolation, finding resources, and developing a network of support with …


Weekend Reads: Shut up about Harvard, Asking for IUD’s, and Get the F$#%* Dressed!

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. The Major League Baseball season kicks off with 3 games today and a traditional slate of Opening Day games tomorrow. In my town Opening Day is a pretty big deal. We have a parade and everything. Even though it’s usually 45 degrees and …

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Guest Post – Don’t Flush Your Meds: Antidepressants, Pregnancy and Autism

by Alison Bernstein ***Editor’s note:  This guest post is by Alison Bernstein, a mom and scientist also known as “Mommy, PhD.” Here, she breaks down a recent study that has spurred headlines implying that taking antidepressants during pregnancy causes autism.*** A new study “Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and the Risk …

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Muppet With Autism Makes Anti-vaxxers Lose Their Shit

I guess it was bound to happen. Sesame Street introduces a new character who has autism as part of a larger campaign, and anti-vaccine advocates are up in arms. But, unsurprisingly, when you look at the specific issues they have, there’s just not much there. Sesame Street is normalizing Autism! Heck yeah it is! …

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Not Bad, Just Different

Months ago, my toddler’s doctor suggested an Autism evaluation. It was expected. At 18 months old, he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder on top of his existing developmental delays, and has had therapy from an early age to help them clear these and other hurdles. In the weeks leading up to the evaluation, …