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No, I’m Not Scaring My Kids By Discussing President Trump

Like many other parents, I woke up on November 9th afraid for the future and struggling to find the right words to explain the election to my children. Though I didn’t know exactly what to say and the end result was probably far from perfect, I shared my fears about President …

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My Favorite Child

Boy: Mama! I went POTTY! Me: (with the exuberance of a potty-training, exhausted mom, who was freaking thrilled at this development) Wow! That’s fantastic! Way to go! I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Girl: You love him more than me. Why aren’t you proud of me? *heart breaks* Me: Of course I’m proud …

entry of Good Times Park, Eagan MN
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Field Tripping: Good Times Park, Eagan MN

We took I-94 through Minnesota in the summer, and reached the St. Paul area on a hot, sunny day in desperate need of a place to eat lunch and to give my two year olds a chance to move. Fortunately, we stumbled on Good Times Park, an unsupervised indoor playground in Eagan, MN (just …

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Skipping Scary Santa

Imagine you heard about a culture where once a year parents forced very young children to do something terrifying and upsetting. Then, imagine that when this experience caused those young children to scream and cry, rather than stop the experience, the parents enjoyed watching their children be scared, so much that they took pictures of …

Child in snowman dress and sparkly shoes dangling from monkeybars.

The Casual Privilege of Conforming to Expectations

I first started thinking about conforming as a form of privilege when I was writing The Importance of Not Defining Normal for Other Children and realized how much easier it is, in many ways, to have a child who doesn’t push gender boundaries. In very specific circles, having kids who buck …

Kids trick or treating at a large house.
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I’d Rather be a [Halloween Costume].

October is/was Bullying Awareness Month. This is something I assume that most of our readers know, but interestingly, it’s not something I felt was overly emphasized in my son’s school. There were some words said in some parent emails, including a list of “anti-bullying spirit week” concepts, but nothing overwrought …

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It’s Not Just About Me

I am really, really bad at relationships. I don’t know why, and for the purposes of this article, it’s not especially important. I think maybe it’s because of the type of guys I’m attracted to, but maybe it’s partially my fault. I don’t know. The one good thing to come …

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A Small Break from it All

Note: This is an essay I wrote 4 years ago, but I still think it’s important for me to remember.  Weekends. In my younger years, they were times for relaxation and fun. In college, they often lasted most of the week and involved gay bars, drag queens, a little too …

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Parenting Without A Tribe

I wanted to write a post titled In Defense of Helicopter Parenting but then I realized that I’m actually not much of a helicopter parent. I only hover when safety is a concern, and my goal is to avoid homework supervisory duties as much as possible. Still, I wanted to …

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Parenting While Divorced

Divorce is traumatic. Next to death and illness, divorce is probably one of the the worst things anyone can experience.  This is not because it is something rare, far from it.  I is because it is something that, despite the almost 50/50 odds, none of us think it will happen …