Pizzagate Is Why We Need Skepticism

If you don’t live in DC, you probably associate Washington with national politics and all its current associated nastiness. But, believe it or not, those of us who actually live here are regular people too, just getting our kids to school, going to work and even going out for pizza once in awhile. So when a man …

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5 Year Old vs Ouija Board, Halloween Time Lessons

My son’s been begging to play my old Ouija board for weeks after watching some kids playing it and Charlie Charlie on YouTube. He made his own Charlie Charlie and figured it out, but it just doesn’t have that same magic as an Ouija board. So, I dusted my old …


Meet the Alternative Medicine Doctor Who Uses Flint as a Marketing Ploy

Here’s the thing about parenting a Minecraft addict. When the addiction gets bad (like what’s wrong with your eyes bad), you’ll do just about anything to get them off the couch and away from their Minecraft world. Even if that means attending an expo for alternative health and medicine. Sometimes I just need …

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Skepticamp STL – A chance to see the breadth of skepticism in St. Louis

My #atheism tells you what I don't believe. My #skepticism tells you why. My #humanism tells you most important thing- how I treat people. — ajackson (@antitheistangie) March 8, 2012 That’s a quote from a blogger named Angie Jackson, and it has been one of the most important quotes for …


Weekend Reads: Academic Steroids, Critical Thinking Quiz, Homework Help, etc

Hello hello!  How are we doing this week?  I got a pretty cool opportunity this week that this audience might get a kick out of: I got to go speak to a whole bunch of high school seniors about statistics, science and critical thinking.  It was a lot of fun …

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The Ideology of Skepticism

Like those matching lab coats? They were a Christmas present. Tom is only eight months, but even when he was one month and barely able to smile, this was a Christmas present I was itching to get. I may have to wait a while before we can mess up the …

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The Radical Notion that Children are People

I have no beef with people who choose to be childfree. I mean, there are enough people in the world that having people willingly abstain from breeding is probably a better choice than creating more consumers for diminishing resources. I get it. I really do. When I was thinking about …


I’m Not That Mom: Parenting a Kid With Food Allergies

I stared at the last few lines of a recent e-newsletter from our local pool and tried not feel irritated. After all, it was just a joke. But it was the second time the president of the pool association had made the joke, and I couldn’t help but bristle. The jist …

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My Critical Thinking Little Pony

Ah. So nice to be able to let Rose veg out in front of the television and know that at least she is getting some positive critical thinking messaging at the same time. Before this year, I had never watched My Little Pony but had always heard through the skeptic …


Teaching Your Child To Talk Back; or, Raising the Young Skeptic

A few years ago, my kid came out into the living room, flung herself down on the couch, and began reading her current book.  I looked up from my own work to fret at her: “Will you please turn on the light if you’re going to read?  You’re going to …