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5 Year Old vs Ouija Board, Halloween Time Lessons

My son’s been begging to play my old Ouija board for weeks after watching some kids playing it and Charlie Charlie on YouTube. He made his own Charlie Charlie and figured it out, but it just doesn’t have that same magic as an Ouija board.

So, I dusted my old copy off the other night. Man, I have such fond memories of fooling my friends with it. And, of course, scary stories about it.

Me: Alright so before we play Ouija I want you to know people think this game is a portal to ghosts and demons, some of which may want to hurt you.

My son: I think that’s true.

Me: You still want to play?

My son: Yes.

Me: Even though the demons of Hell could come out and want to hurt you? Why?

My son: Because ghosts and demons aren’t real.

…minutes later…

My son: Mom, I know you’re moving it.

The remainder of evening was spent teaching my son how to con his friends with an Ouija board and what kinds of pranks are and are not appropriate with it.

Side note: one of my friends uses the Ouija to encourage her kids to learn spelling.

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