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Risky Behaviors Among Sleep-Deprived Teens

Welcome to “this week in parenting research”, a biweekly (mostly) column where I take a look at new research that may be of interest to parents or anyone who works with kids. This week, I’m focusing on an interesting report from the CDC. For those of you who have never …

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Dealing With Your Child’s Sleep Issues

Do your children sleep through the night?  Mine didn’t.  In the seven years after my first child was born I don’t think I ever got a full night sleep. My son was born eight weeks premature.  We were thankful that he only had to spend eight days in the NICU.  …

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Ditching the Crib at 6 Months

“Thud! Thud! Thud!” It came from the baby monitor: rhythmic, loud, and terrifying for a first time mom. I ran into my twin sons’ nursery and watched in horror as one of them repeatedly slammed his head into the end of the crib. He seemed bored and trying a new sensation …

A parent, on its knees, begging God to take it's life at 4am. "It is true there are no atheists in foxholes, but there are probably no atheists dealing with crying babies all night long."

The Day I Left the Baby Forums, With a Side of Sleep Methods Rambling

I remember the exact moment I swore off ever being a regular subscriber and reader of any parenting forums. My son, like many kids, has had his share of troubles sleeping through the night. Not the worst I’ve heard of, not the best. Average. I’d gotten through the worst of …