The First 12 Days of Parenthood

Well, It’s time to change my bio. My newest baby is here. I will tell my birth story a little later (full of amazing feats of science and medicine bringing us both safely through the process). First, I would like to share a little song my spouse and I wrote …

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When Lactivism Kills

Recently, there have been so many sad, infuriating, and heartbreaking stories in the media that it’s hard to keep up. Surprisingly, the ones that are hitting me the hardest are not about politics. As a pregnant person, who is literally about to give birth to my third child, the stories …


In Defense of Yoga Pants and Nihilism

Every so often I read an article that makes me say a little prayer to the Cosmos: “please let this be satire, please let this be satire, please let this be satire.” Today that article lumped together two completely unrelated topics: yoga pants and nihilism. So I took the bait and read …

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This Unbelievably Simple Parenting Hack May Change Your Life

Last year I married an incredible partner. You can read more about him and our family here. We’ve spent the last year and a half blending our families together (which has been at times more like tossing a zany fruit salad into a house together and hoping that it tastes good). …


Scientist Mom Shows That Breast Milk Is Not Sterile…and That Pasteurization is Amazing

Áine Blanchard Quimby, scientist, breastfeeding mom, and woo fighter extraordinaire, decided to do some science for fun and to prove a point about raw milk and pasteurization. Caveat: While she does have experience in sterility labs and culturing bacteria, food science is not her area of specialization. Introduction: I conducted this experiment with …

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A Very Grounded Parents Gender Reveal Video

Steph and Clay share their baby’s gender with the world Grounded Parents’ style. Video transcript: Katelyn and Ian: Our family’s gender reveal video! Steph and Clay’s gender reveal video, take 1 Steph: Hey honey, I made you a gender reveal cake. Clay: I love cake! I have heard about gender …


Let’s Stop Making Dads Look Incompetent and Moms Look Like Nags

A recent blog post – Let’s Stop Making Dads Look Dumb – is making the rounds. At first glance it looks like it is about tearing down gender role stereotypes. The media and American culture simultaneously perpetuate the ideas that men are bumbling idiots (see virtually any episode of Everybody Loves …


We Don’t Live in North Korea and Other Reasons Why I Don’t Make My Kids Say the Pledge or Stand for the National Anthem

The elementary school auditorium is full of five to 12 year-old children and their families. An American flag is carried out and proudly placed center stage. Everyone stands, places their right hand over their heart, and begins to recite familiar words in creepy unison: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of …


Mail Call: A GP Reader Responds to Recent Posts

We’ve got mail! We often get comments and messages from readers (and people who hate our headlines, but haven’t read the articles), both positive and critical. It’s nice to know that our site generates a more motivated response than discussion in MRA chatrooms and mommy groups on Facebook. One of our favorite readers …

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Why This Mom Has Banned the Olympics in Her Home

I was really looking forward to watching the Summer Olympic Games with my kids. As an athlete (marathoner and yoga teacher) and a mom, it’s so amazing to watch them get excited about sports and what they might accomplish some day. To be honest, I don’t think that any of my children have …