The “Hustle” hustle

Bryce Harper, the left fielder for the Washington Nationals, is one of the most exciting young players in baseball. The 2012 Rookie of the Year at the tender age of 19 (his 2012 is one of the best seasons for a 19 year old in baseball history), Harper is a special player, a …


Play Ball! Thoughts on Sports and Skepticism

A lot of what we do as  capital “S” Skeptical Activists, such as combating creationism in schools or debunking homeopaths or defending vaccines, whilst being important work can nonetheless be,  shall we say… boring to our kids.  And a little dark, and sometimes not age appropriate etc.  Still, we want …


The Family That Plays Together: My Life in Games

My family plays a lot of games. We have a cabinet full of tabletop games (board, card and dice games) and video games loaded on just about every device in the house. Gaming is, therefore, a big part of our lives, and it’s how we spend a significant amount of …

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Field Tripping: The Cincinnati Museum Center

If you are an American of a certain age you are incredibly likely to have seen the building we are about to visit before, on your Saturday morning TV.  Yes, the iconic Hall of Justice, home of the Superfriends, or the less cringe inducing Justice League, was modeled for the …


Darth Vader Could TOTALLY Be a Ballerina!

My son is an only child, and the only child of two intellectual, semi-introverted people at that. His dad and I would rather read a book or study a website than go out and socialize with strangers. Our friends are largely childless, academic people, and we’re the weird ones who …

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Field Tripping: The McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama

As a lifelong Cincinnatian, Birmingham (where The Girl was raised,) has always managed to surprise me.  Despite being located deep in the heart of conservative Alabama, Birmingham turns out to be a fascinating place. As one whose foray’s below the Mason-Dixon line were limited to beer runs to Newport in Northern Kentucky …


Light My Fire

Our power went out. It was evening and the sun was down so the kids freaked out at first. They had moved our emergency flashlights so chaos reigned for a minute or two, but flashlights were found, candles were lit, and kids were herded onto the couch. By then, the …

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Ethical and Inclusive Scouting

It was all over the news last year—the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) changed their policies regarding homosexuality, and now they’re perfectly acceptable for any secular family, right? Well, not really. The policy change means they will no longer expel non-straight boys from scouting immediately, which is progress. But BSA still requires …

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Why My Kid Had Purple Hair

Recently one of my friends polled all the other parents she knew: how terrible a parent would she be, she wondered, if she let her six year old get the mullet she was longing for? I won’t keep you in suspense: It was about a 70/30 split, with most parents …

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About this book thing, it’s my mother’s fault.

Long long ago when color TV was something our neighbors had…, hold on, or was it way back when I use to play marbles at recess and pretended I was Kirk or Spock from that new TV show all the kids were watching? Anyway, there was this event that occurred every …