Let’s Stop Making Dads Look Incompetent and Moms Look Like Nags

A recent blog post – Let’s Stop Making Dads Look Dumb – is making the rounds. At first glance it looks like it is about tearing down gender role stereotypes. The media and American culture simultaneously perpetuate the ideas that men are bumbling idiots (see virtually any episode of Everybody Loves …

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Happy Anniversary to My Husband, From Your Not-A-Supermom Wife

They say that behind every superparent is at least one other superparent or other super-supportive person. Wait, they don’t say that? Well, they should.


Celebration! (and a poetry challenge)

I’m hugging Offspring every few minutes today! I hope the backlash is light, but this is time for happiness and love. Help me celebrate! Our very own Emily brought it to my attention that Scalia’s dissent is being turned to poetry. Put your poetry in comments. It can be based …


Mrs. Name Of Man, Maiden Names and Coverture

Coverture is the doctrine of English law and social practice, imported to America and many Commonwealth nations, in which a female person had no legal identity. From birth a girl was covered by her father. This held as long as she was a “virgin” or “maiden”, hence the surname she …

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No really, what about the men?

Earlier this week, Fortune published a confessional think piece titled Female company president: “I’m sorry to all the mothers I worked with”. It is an interesting piece and one I can relate to from the other side of the desk as a woman and a mother. I will never know …

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When Mommy Bloggers Divorce

One of my guilty pleasures is the website known as GOMI or Get Off My Internets — known for its never-ending supply of snark about bloggers and the internet famous. What can I say — I can only spend so much of my free time looking at pictures of horrific dips on Pinterest. Confession: I …

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An Anchor ‘Round My Heart: Love, Loss, Moving On, Etc.

Today marks the end of what I like to call my Fortnight of Suck — a collection of dates that used to send me spiralling into a depressive abyss: 10/23: my stepfather’s birthday; 10/26: the date my divorce was final; somewhere in there is the date of my ex-husband’s second …

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Cognitive Dissonance

Trigger Warning: This post includes descriptions of violence, which may be triggering or alarming. Please take care of yourself.       When my husband hurt me, it was like watching a stranger kill the man I loved in front of me and then try to kill me. I was so scared and confused. …


Shitcanned With Kids: a Recipe for Disaster.

If you work anywhere, you probably already know that people suck. Well, maybe not people so much as the people you are forced into relationships with suck, people like coworkers or your children. You may try to blame your problems on your actual job but trust me, your job is …

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You Are Very Compatible in Almost All Areas…

The Pastor came back with the results of our test. We were in his office for pre-marital counseling, and he had just given us some sort of couple’s compatibility test to see how we matched up. When he came back with the results, that’s what he said: “You are very …