Celebration! (and a poetry challenge)

I’m hugging Offspring every few minutes today! I hope the backlash is light, but this is time for happiness and love.

Help me celebrate! Our very own Emily brought it to my attention that Scalia’s dissent is being turned to poetry. Put your poetry in comments. It can be based on Scalia or any of the quotes from disappointed anti-love protestors (you can find them included in news articles for “balance.”)

And then go hug the people you love!



Featured Image and Balance (anti-love) from BBC
Consequences from DanielBerlinBlog

Cerys Gruffyydd

Cerys has gone through a genetics phase (undergrad years), a biological anthropology phase (grad school years) and a Pilates & yoga teaching phase (mum years). She lives with a scientist, a teenager and a rabbit. Her quasi-secret passion is historical costuming and she can’t look at people without imagining the era in which she would like to clothe them.

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  1. Emboldened Gaystapo at Target,
    Buying a Big Gay Hate Machine,
    Programmed to harass Christians,

    Equal rights assault the culture,
    Some culture, Any culture,
    Your culture, Lab culture,
    Culture club.

  2. [Roberts rebukes]
    Many people will rejoice
    – deeply disheartening
    recognize same sex marriage
    – difficult to accept
    vision of social change
    – I begrudge

    [Scalia scolds]
    naked judicial
    – astounds
    intimacy abridged
    – by marriage
    the Constitution promises liberty
    – I hide my head in a bag

    [Scalia’s] logic poetry
    – sign[s] of democracy’s downfall
    [Jindal’s solution]
    – “let’s just get rid of the court!”

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