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A tale of two homebirth studies

To much fanfare, the Midwives Alliance of North America recently released the results of its five-year MANA Stats project, at last publishing the data collected from almost 17,000 midwife-attended home births in the US during the period 2004-2009. In the UK at the same time, a similar study was being conducted: …

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Get Out of My Head! Frustrating Assumptions about Mothers

Something magical happened when I got pregnant. Apparently, my skull went clear and suddenly everyone could see my thoughts before I knew them; and amazingly enough, those thoughts and motivations aligned perfectly with those of the person seeing them. I was suddenly pro-life, pro-choice, pro-exclusively breastfeeding, pro-formula, religious, atheist, an …

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Skin Deep: How My Body Changed After Pregnancy

I was expecting some permanent physical changes after pregnancy, labour and birth. I’d read enough to know that I wouldn’t immediately ‘bounce back’ and that, in some places, I would likely always look a little bit different. Despite what the beauty myth might have us believe, I never truly thought …

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STFU, Parents, Please!

I have some really bizarre dreams and desires. Sometimes (okay often), I watch QVC and fantasize about becoming a QVC host. The passion with which these people highlight the features and benefits of wonderful and not-so-wonderful products is awesome. Yes, their passion and finesse in the art of bullshitting inspires …

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The NICU, Part 1: Happily Ever After. . .Almost

(Trigger Warning: infant loss, NICU trauma) A year ago today, our happy ending began. After 122 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, my son came home, joining his brother who had arrived 10 days previously.  Born at just under 1 ½ lbs each, the twins weighed 5 lbs when …

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On the Recent Homebirth Statistics Fracas

If you’re a reader of Grounded Parents or the Skeptical OB, you’ve likely seen the recent guest post by Jamie Bernstein, Dr. Amy’s responses, and the hundreds of heated, emotional, intelligent, not-so-intelligent, and everything in between comments on both blogs. Early on, the debate hinged mostly on the interpretation of …

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Guest Post: One More Homebirth Risk Analysis

Last week I wrote a guest post here at Grounded Parents looking at what we can learn from a recently published study in the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health on the risks and benefits of homebirths in the U.S. In the days between when I wrote the post and …

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My Body—A Political Pawn

Damn right, it’s personal! For me this started out with a bad feeling after reading the Conservative Party’s (Høyre) agenda, their campaign propaganda to get voters. I soon found a piece about abortion that took me by surprise. They wanted to propose a change in the current law, which in …

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Crunchy People Aren’t Always Crunchy

“Hi, I’m Johnna and I breastfed my child for 26 months. Now, where’s my medal?” I’ve never said this.   I usually only tell people when asked about it.   I don’t really think about it all that much until people have a discussion about breastfeeding or formula feeding.   For some reason …

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Dammit! My kid could have been a Ph.D. by now!

Let me brag for a minute: I am the happy mom of a 6-year old boy. He’s reading at a 4th-grade level, does well in math, loves Science, and has a delightful sense of humor. I really couldn’t ask for much more in a kid. I’m very proud of him. …