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Maybe I’ll Just Shut Up

My family doesn’t talk about Tom to other parents much. Well, that’s not exactly true. We are all pretty much nuts about him and we talk about him as often as we can. My iPhone photos are the modern-day equivalent of the cascade of baby pictures that would come tumbling …

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Dammit! My kid could have been a Ph.D. by now!

Let me brag for a minute: I am the happy mom of a 6-year old boy. He’s reading at a 4th-grade level, does well in math, loves Science, and has a delightful sense of humor. I really couldn’t ask for much more in a kid. I’m very proud of him. …

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A quick look at gender development

Watching a young child come to understand sex and gender is fascinating. The process varies greatly depending on the child’s conceptual development and what information is given to them, but in general there are a few distinct stages that people tend to go through as they figure out what this …

Alternate Family ArrangementsPoly Families

Enter the Househusband

One of the factors that complicates the fact that I am sort of a parent and sort of not is that I am the househusband to our family, and Tom’s arrival has changed a lot of the delicate equilibrium we worked so hard to achieve. It was like someone lobbed …


Bad News for Critical Thinkers

The headline in my newsfeed blared: Bad news for dads: Babies ‘should share mother’s bed until age three’ because  it’s good for their hearts Now, it turns out, in true click-bait headline OMG MUST SHARE THIS fashion, this piece is from 2011, so it’s totally possible that the underlying research …

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What to Expect When You Have a Baby in Portlandia

Apparently Portland, Oregon is the second best city to have a baby. So sayeth our evil overlords at Watch What Happens Live! No wait. That’s not it. I meant What To Expect When You’re Expecting.  Portland, Oregon is second on the list — sandwiched in between San Francisco and Boise …


When Body Snark Starts Young

Pop quiz!  How would you respond to the following situations: Your twin girls who were born weighing 3 lbs each, have now grown into active 2 year olds.  At the two year visit, the doctor informs you they are now “obese”, but gives you no guidance as to what you’re …

HouseholdParenting Fails

Babyproofing. . .Sort Of

My twins are officially crawling, and one is pulling to stand using whatever’s handy (furniture, our legs, the cat).  Having roving children made me research baby-proofing, which in turn made me realize that we have definitely failed as parents. Though the decorative scrolling on what I now realize is the …

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Reflux: This Ain’t your Average Spit Up

I get thrown up on a lot. Last night, my one-year-old son, M, smiled at me over his high chair tray and vomited his dinner.  Mashed potato and peas spewed down his shirt, and tumbled in a growing river down his chest before pooling in the footrest of his high …

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Decisions, Fear and Gadgetry

When I first got pregnant, I knew I was in for a whole new world of experiences.  Parenting seemed like this mysterious CIA type assignment – no one could explain to you exactly what was going to happen, all you knew was that it was going to be difficult.  I …