The First 12 Days of Parenthood

Well, It’s time to change my bio. My newest baby is here. I will tell my birth story a little later (full of amazing feats of science and medicine bringing us both safely through the process). First, I would like to share a little song my spouse and I wrote …


Hands Off My Boobs – the Economics of Breast Milk vs Breastfeeding

Earlier this week, Mary wrote a post about the inherent fallacy of the argument that “breast milk is free”. I agree with everything that Mary said up to a point. That point being that I don’t think she went far enough and frankly, I think she was too nice to …


Weekend Reads: Parental Leave, Sesame Street, Banned Books, and People Who Don’t Want Kids

Hi there, it’s been a long time but I’m on the mend so I’m lending a hand. So what are you looking for this weekend (or Monday morning back at work)?   Are you looking for…….. the new trends in parental leave? It seems that the USA Navy may extending …

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Just How Far Apart Are Your Kids?

As anyone who has ever existed in the world with nosy family and coworkers can tell you, there’s not much that people won’t express an opinion about when it comes to the various milestones of adulthood. Are you over 23? Well, are you in a relationship? When are you getting …

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Back In the Saddle (I Hope)

I’m still here. Barely. Some scruffy looking dude with a leather jacket should have told me that babies take a lot of time. Then, as I laughed and said, “Yeah, I’m sure they do,” turning back to the e-mail (in which I was writing to tell the editors of Grounded Parent that …

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The NICU, Part 3: What not to say to a Preemie parent

Note: I’m indulging in a not-so-skeptical post today, but I’m including Star Wars Lego pictures, so that makes up for it a little, right? When my children were in the NICU, many people were often at a loss for what to say, while others spoke without thinking. Sometimes, that resulted in comments …



When I was pregnant with my first child (my daughter), I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into. And please trust me when I say that I don’t use the word literally when I really mean figuratively. I had the confidence of ignorance. An image in my …

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The Trials and Joys of Being a Furry Big Sis

            While I don’t necessarily consider myself a dog’s mom, our trusty Luna thinks of herself as the biggest sister. Since I’ve been writing serious and contentious posts lately, she advised that we write something more upbeat for a change. So without further ado, I’ll …

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Be Glad Your Housespouse Isn’t Union

About a month ago, Renee went back to work. I’ve taken on 20 hours a week of being the stay at home “dad” to Tom on top of most of my housekeeping duties. I really like my mornings with Tom. Even when he’s being completely inconsolable, filling diapers so quickly …

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I Delight in Your Pigeonholing Failure

I know that picture’s a little fuzzy, but Renee is wants me to tone down on the online exposure. There are places it’s safe to be non-monogamous and atheist, but not every person who might stop by Grounded Parents is going to be as awesome as its usual audience. But, …