Weekend Reads: Parental Leave, Sesame Street, Banned Books, and People Who Don’t Want Kids

Hi there, it’s been a long time but I’m on the mend so I’m lending a hand.

So what are you looking for this weekend (or Monday morning back at work)?


Are you looking for…….. the new trends in parental leave?

It seems that the USA Navy may extending maternity leave to 12 weeks. This could extend to all of the armed forced.

Then again some parents are opting to bring their children to work.

Then again some work places are down right hostile mothers-to-be. Shame on the NYPD.


Are you looking for……..clarification on what is happening with Sesame Street?

You are not the only one worried about what will happen once Big Bird moves to HBO. Sesame Street has a big impact on kids, especially low income children so lets hope they get it right. -From Mary


Are you looking for……..a reminder why to be involved with schools?

Remember that if you are not books like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon get banned because the autistic main character is “matter-of-fact, almost emotionless” when describing “some adults’ struggles with faith and a belief in God.” I’m going to check for it at my library. -From Mary


Are you looking for……..ways to convince friends that they really want to have kids?

You need to reconsider. Some of us love being parents, but some people regret it. Having children is not a guarantee you will be happy.


Hope you had a great weekend!


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