Weekend Reads: Day Light Savings, Quiet Children, School and Transgender Kids etc.

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I’m sure you regular Weekend Readers are sensing a disturbance in the force, that is not entirely explained by Day Light Savings Time! Bethany is super busy and I offered lend a hand. So now, a little of what I found interesting this weekend.


If you are looking for… to get your child adjusted DLST:

It is probably already too late. But you can at least use this to explain it to older kids.

If you are looking for…..information about the danger faced by children entering the United States:

7,000 immigrant children ordered deported without going to court

If you are looking for…..children should be heard and not just seen:

Tokyo may allow children to make noise for the first time in fifteen years

If you are looking for…..transgender kids sharing their school experiences:

Transgender Students Learn to Navigate Schools Halls (from Mary)

If you are looking for…..surprising family resemblances:

Check out these portraits by Ulric Collette


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