The First 12 Days of Parenthood

Well, It’s time to change my bio. My newest baby is here. I will tell my birth story a little later (full of amazing feats of science and medicine bringing us both safely through the process). First, I would like to share a little song my spouse and I wrote …

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When Lactivism Kills

Recently, there have been so many sad, infuriating, and heartbreaking stories in the media that it’s hard to keep up. Surprisingly, the ones that are hitting me the hardest are not about politics. As a pregnant person, who is literally about to give birth to my third child, the stories …

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Depression Through the Generations

Hi and welcome to “This Week in Parenting Research”! This is a bimonthly column where I attempt to find new research that may be of interest to parents/those raising kids. This week I saw a rather interesting headline “Is depression in parents, grandparents linked to grandchildren’s depression?” and decided to …

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Grounded Pregnancy: Treating Depression During Pregnancy – What’s Safe?

Welcome to Grounded Pregnancy, the new series where I explore topics related to pregnancy and childbirth, without woo or natural childbirth bullshit. As an added bonus, you get to join me for the next few months, as I grow a tiny human in my uterus. Feel free to message me with …

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Not Bad, Just Different

Months ago, my toddler’s doctor suggested an Autism evaluation. It was expected. At 18 months old, he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder on top of his existing developmental delays, and has had therapy from an early age to help them clear these and other hurdles. In the weeks leading up to the evaluation, …

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Anxiety Amplification: Sending an Offspring to College in the Age of Facebook

When Offspring saw this post title over my shoulder, xe said, “But I’m not on Facebook, why are you worried?” so I’ll start with the clarification. It’s not what Offspring might do on Facebook that feeds my anxiety (for obvious reasons), it’s being on Facebook, myself, that is the problem. …

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Dangerous Obsession

I have to apologize for my absence here on Grounded Parents.  Between a move to a new house, work, and helping my kids deal with the fun house (un-fun house?) of adolescence, I’ve been either too tired or too scatterbrained to write. Once of those un-fun house issues that we …

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Parenting Is About Parents Too

Grounded Parents, as the name implies, is a parenting blog.  Most of us usually take this to mean that it focuses on tips and experiences raising children and so is child focused, and this is certainly true.  What is often overlooked is that parenting has another side to it and …

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Raising The Anxious Child

I’ll start with a caveat – my kid has not been formally diagnosed as having an anxiety disorder. Neither has her father.  Both of them have dealt with panic attacks, phobias, and anxiety issues all their lives, but – so far at least – these issues have been mild enough …


Secrets of a Badass Single Mother Runner

Please excuse any typos, as I am currently high…high from running, that is. Endorphins are coursing through my body. The feeling is so good that I hardly realize how sore I am from running a half marathon. That will come tomorrow. Right now, I am so full of joy and happy brain chemicals …