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I have often wondered how I would have handled it if my child had been allergic to animals. Having grown up on a farm, I find a life without animals to seem rather absurd and almost unnatural. Today we have two cats and two rats, and we also nanny some dogs …


Weekend Reads: February 2nd, 2014

Alright folks, what are you in the mood for this weekend?         If you’re feeling….the sudden urge to make football related snacks I will not kick you out if you show up at my house with any of these snacks.  Especially that little Snickers Popcorn number. If …

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Abortion Rhetoric from the Perspective of a “Miracle Baby” Mom

Trigger: infant death For the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, I planned to write about pro-life rhetoric about “4th trimester abortion.” For research, I waded my way through the thicket of articles that distort academic theoretical essays. A video of a Planned Parenthood representative being grilled about how an abortion …