Weekend Reads: February 2nd, 2014

Alright folks, what are you in the mood for this weekend?





If you’re feeling….the sudden urge to make football related snacks

I will not kick you out if you show up at my house with any of these snacks.  Especially that little Snickers Popcorn number.

If you’re feeling…political

Check out the NYTs take on how we’re talking about Wendy Davis and her life (and parenting) choices.


GP bloggers Lance and Tammy have both written excellent pieces on the status of creationism in schools.  Raw Story reports that 4 states have introduced pro-creationism bills this year: South Dakota (on Wednesday), Missouri, Oklahoma and Virginia.

If you’re feeling….skeptical

You’ll be happy to know someone finally put up a succinct (and possibly NSFW/kids….depending on your boss/parenting philosophy) explanation as to how, exactly, vaccines cause autism.

If you’re feeling….philosophical

Philosophy for Parents.  In this newly minted blog, a PhD mother of six tackles topics like Aristotelian Virtue and Raising Human Beings. (H/T Lou)

If you’re feeling….Disneyed out

This collection of Disney princesses in period appropriate clothing puts a new spin on familiar characters.

If you’re feeling….artsy

A book where children’s authors draw their favorite animals might suit your tastes.

If you’re feeling….like you need more science in your life but you don’t have time to skim through everything looking for the good stuff

Check out the top 10 parenting related science stories of 2013.

If you’re feeling….aged beyond your years

This quiz calculates your age in mom years...though I have no idea why it should be mom specific. Any Dad going through this should get credit too!  I stopped counting at 121 or so…being reminded of the time my little one actually spit up right in to my mouth gave me the sudden urge to go brush my teeth and rinse my mouth out.

If you’re feeling….in the mood for some activism

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month.  Helping teens learn what healthy relationships look like is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.  Click the link for events, resources and updates.


Also going on this month is Children’s Dental Health Month.  Access to good dental care is a luxury I take for granted far too often.


 Image credit Boguslaw Mielec


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