DeVos: Expanding Disaster for Public Education

There are so many terrifying things happening in our federal government right now that it’s easy to miss a cabinet post confirmation vote that could destroy public education. The president nominated Michigan’s Betsy DeVos, a wealthy advocate for dismantling public schools who has no actual education experience for Secretary of Education. As someone who attended Michigan …

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Bath And Body Worked Over: Don’t Keep My Kid Out of Your Shitty Store

Let me tell you a little story about the day I lost my parental shit… It was the year my special needs daughter was turning 18, in my home state of Virginia that means that I had to obtain Guardianship for her. This seemingly mandatory procedure involved two attorneys, a …

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How Bullies Gave My Son A Better Education

My son, AJ, was in second grade when he had his first encounter with bullies. As I’ve mentioned before, here and here, AJ was diagnosed with special needs early in life. We were lucky that he began receiving early intervention services even before he left the hospital because he was born …