Weekend Reads: Kids and Veggies, Same Sex Parents, Teenage Malaise, Etc

Why hello hello!  In my most current weekend reads tradition, I would like to again complain about the snow.  It’s terrible.  My 6.5 ft fence in my back yard now appears to be about a foot tall.  I went in to the office twice this week and spent about 10 …

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Sex Ed, Sexual Preference & Sincerity

The Guttmacher Institute recently released a brief summarizing sex education state laws. The whole thing is worth a look-through, but I’d like to draw attention to the column on “Sexual Orientation” under “Content Requirements for Sex and HIV Education”. There are three states on the list that require teachers to …

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Make Her a Damn Burrito: Raising the Young Artist

Here at chez delagar, we’re all working artists.  Dr. Skull is a poet and a musician; I write science fiction.  The kid runs a web comic which has (literally) hundreds of dedicated fans and (now) a spin-off comic of its own. This is exactly the sort of life I always …


Weekend Reads: Corporal Punishment, Bodies of Mothers, Values in Parenting, etc

Well howdy!  How’s everybody doing today?  The days are getting shorter where I am, and my two year old is very concerned about it.  So far this week he has asked “is outside broken?” and “mama, turn light on outside”.  I like his faith in my powers. While I can’t …

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No such thing as safe sex?

One of the joys of being part of a blogging network is that you get exposed to articles and such that you’d never have come across in your own sphere. Sometimes they’re enlightening, worldview-expanding, and perspective-altering. Sometimes they’re just tripe. This article by Matt Walsh, on why he’s not going …

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Facebook Bikini Hullabaloo and Raising Kids Without Shame

Last month a blog entry titled “My husband Doesn’t need to see your Boobs” kept appearing in my news feed accompanied by conservative praise, and liberal mocking.  The writer was a conservative Christian woman who wanted other women to stop posting pictures of themselves in bikinis because it was ruining her marriage. Some …

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The Dating Game: Another look at all of these rules.

Lou has been doing such an awesome job taking down those silly “rules for dating my [insert gendered child-type here]” in the Internet Meme Demolition Derby- go read them if you haven’t yet, because you may want context. And one of the things that’s come up in comments is well …


Your Kid’s Telling Lies? Good for Her!

(Caveat: This essay does not attempt to advise parents of children with ADHD, or addictions, or children with mood or eating disorders. Lying in those situations is a special case, with much different causes and consequences.) When I first came to Arkansas, many years ago, one of my students told …


Bunny Love – The pleasures, and perils, of rabbit ownership

In the Northern hemisphere it’s spring, the season of renewal, flowers, plastic eggs, and bunny rabbits. In the United States rabbits are the third most popular pet after cats and dogs. They are also one of the most frequently abandoned. Personally, I adore our bunny and think he’s the best …

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Just what is “comprehensive” sex education?

(Note: This article is very US-centric, as that’s where I live, work, teach, and understand the politics. The general ideas are applicable anywhere but the specific information is based on the US.) Those of us who favor evidence-based, body-positive sexuality education in schools — education that comes without religion-based scare …